Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ann Coulter has Doubts about Mitt Romney

Ann Coulter is not backing away from her support of Mitt Romney, or her criticism of the other Republican primary challengers. However, Coulter did express a kernel of doubt today in her appearance on Fox and Friends Sunday. Ms. Coulter relayed how she approached Governor Romney specifically to tell him "You better be as Right-wing a president as I'm telling everyone you're going to be."

Clearly, that constitutes an admonishment. Why does Coulter feel the need to admonish the former Governor in such a manner? There can be only one reason. Coulter has doubts, and she is worried about what a future President Romney will do to her credibility, which is already suffering among conservatives due to her over-the-top Romney boosting. (If you doubt me, check the comments anywhere her "Three Cheers" column appears.)

Coulter encouraged viewers to go read her column, "Three Cheers for RomneyCare," which has been roundly debunked by Tea Party favorite Mark Levin. Coulter also persists in the attempted partisan rewrite of history pertaining to Newt Gingrich's relationship to Ronald Reagan. Coulter's arguments are specious, wherein she attempts to speak for a dead man beyond the grave, as those closest to Reagan loudly and publicly rise to support Gingrich's contentions, an honor roll including Mark Levin, Michael Reagan, Jeff Lord and others. Rush Limbaugh called Gingrich "the premier defender" of President Reagan and his policies during the Reagan years.

Allow me to also point out that Romney already breaks faith with conservatism by espousing at least one (additional) far-left position, that of indexing a permanent automatic minimum wage hike to inflation. President Obama proposed the same idea during his 2008 campaign for president. Leftists have been pushing this radical proposal, which breaks new entitlement ground,  for years. Here we have a leading Republican contender for the White House touting this progressive wet dream within his candidacy and Ann Coulter doubling down to vouchsafe his "conservative" credentials. These are strange times indeed.

Note at the end of the video how Ann Coulter employs a typical liberal canard: since the government messed something up, more government intervention is then required to "fix" it. Coulter thus supports the "perpetual motion theory" of government growth.

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