Monday, February 6, 2012

How Dare the Federal Government interfere with the Catholic Church? That's the States' Job!

Catholics are rightly upset about federal interference in matters of religious conscience, within faith-based institutions.

To which Mitt Romney and Ann Coulter counter, "That's the job of the states!" State interference is conservative! Let the states do it! Vote Romney!

I'm being facetious. They didn't really say that. Or did they?

UPDATE: I was more right than I knew. Via Gateway Pundit

"The White House says the same mandate was included in Romneycare. And Newt Gingrich pointed this out on Sunday."

NewsmaxRomneycare Required Anti-Catholic Regulations Like Obamacare's

Mitt Romney is vociferously attacking a provision in Obamacare requiring religious employers to cover birth control in employee health plans — but the healthcare bill he enacted as governor of Massachusetts also contained that requirement.

UPDATE 2: Beware Romney talking points. Romney supporters (cough, Coulter, cough) claim that Governor Romney "tried to veto the offensive provision in his healthcare bill but was overruled by the mostly Democrat legislature." But that is playing politics with the truth.

"Coulter then argued to this writer that Romney was pro-life because he vetoed a bill requiring all private hospitals to provide the abortion pill for rape victims. She got that wrong as well. Not only did the legislature notify Romney in advance that his symbolic veto would be overridden, but a few days later, he reversed his position and said ”I think, in my personal view, it’s the right thing for hospitals [referring to private hospitals] to provide information and access to emergency contraception to anyone who is a victim of rape.

Moreover, after the bill became law, Gov. Romney could have used his executive power to exempt private Catholic hospitals from complying, but he refused to do so, even though the Catholic Church begged him to intervene based on existing religious conscience protection statutes on the books. Romney’s action, or lack thereof, led to an unprecedented assault on freedom of religion."

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