Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blockbuster Express (NCR) sells to Redbox

I use Blockbuster Express kiosks because they are close to my house. A Redbox kiosk is another several miles away. I received the following email.

Dear Valued Customer,

NCR, which operates your Blockbuster Express kiosks, has entered into an agreement to sell its kiosks and other assets to Redbox. Until the transaction is completed (we anticipate in the third quarter of 2012), you will continue to enjoy the convenience, choice, and value you're used to from BLOCKBUSTER Express. Until the sale is completed, we will continue to run the business as we have been, focused on bringing you the latest New Release movies with most titles only $2 for the first night. You'll also notice that we've increased our In-Stock Guarantee value so you will now enjoy a movie night on us with a value of up to $3 if we don't have the New Release movie you want in stock.

As a reminder, we still have 100s of great movies available at $1 and additional nights of all movies are still only $1, all part of preserving an exceptional value for an affordable night of entertainment.

Update: They didn't waste any time reducing service. I just got this note:

"Your preferred BLOCKBUSTER Express kiosk is moving next week!"

In fact, the two closest kiosks will be removed. Now Redbox is closest.

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