Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Conservatives for Romney" is like "Jews for Obama"

Supporting the guy who is trying to destroy you.

President Obama loves to bloviate about what a "friend" he is to Israel, at the same time he undermines them and stabs them in the back. Obama's Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, declared to the world current U.S. intelligence on Israel's plans to attack Iran, including the anticipated timing of such an attack. Why would the Obama administration do this? I believe, in order to rally world sentiment against Israel, and to give Iran a heads up. In other words, President Obama seeks to derail any such Israeli plans to defend themselves. Do you have a better idea? Which state would appear to be an ally and which an enemy to an objective third party observer?

Try not to pat yourself on the back, Mr. President.

Charles Krauthammer Puzzles over Panetta Revelation

"Just get to the damn table."

"I try not to pat myself on the back." (But I just can't help myself.)

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