Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mitt Romney and the Taming of the Shrew

It seems that Ann Coulter's chosen loyalties lie with the Republican Party line of the moment. When one pledges loyalty to a person or party, and they violate your principles, you have two choices. You can modify your principles, or you can break faith with your friend(s). Coulter chooses the former. Ann has formally and conspicuously adopted what we call "situational ethics" wherein one's "principles" shift according to circumstance. Socialized medicine is now a moral good in Coulter-land because it comes with a big "R" attached. But don't judge too harshly. Ann is in the company of every Republican Romney defender. When the big "R" is at stake, principles are secondary. I'm embarrassed to be associated with these people.

As Legal Insurrection points out, it was only a short time ago (10-10-2011) that Coulter called RomneyCare a failure. But that was another time-byte.

Mark Levin deconstructs the Coulter duplicity line by line.


Coulter Cheers the Fool

Red State: Speaking of Sacrificing One’s Credibility at the Altar of the Romney Campaign…

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