Sunday, February 5, 2012

SNL attempts to Palin Gingrich

I'm surprised they didn't have Gingrich saying "I can see Earth from my moon." The skit also ridicules South Carolina voters for selecting Gingrich, and pictures Herman Cain as his ignorant lackey.

It is funny stuff. Will it stick like SNL's Palin evisceration? We'll see. For a bit of equal time, Romney is portrayed as "robot-like." Oooh. Don't push the envelope too hard there, SNL.

How about a skit ridiculing the truly ignorant rubes who think that Mitt Romney is conservative?

As for the supposed superiority of "forward thinking" (read "progressivism"), it is unmistakably plain where that has taken us. Wisdom informs us that we had better start returning to the sound principles of limited government and reverence for God that made America the greatest nation on earth. I'm glad that the good people of South Carolina get it. Let us hope that the rest of the nation follows suit.

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