Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brits kill, maim Pets for Insurance Money

"...insurers detected $3 million in pet insurance fraud in 2010, compared to just $668,000 in fraud the year prior."

That's the detected fraud. Actual fraud is undoubtedly much higher. A few thoughts here.

First, the market will correct this. Insurance companies obviously erred by assigning unrealistic monetary value to animals. Insurance premiums will soon skyrocket and shut off the fraudulent revenue stream.

Secondly, why did this unrealistic value assignation occur? The entire "animal rights" movement is based on fraudulent assertions. The cultural animal anthropomorphic tendency is out of control. Doubtless, the whole movement may be attributed to the recession of the the Christian worldview and the influx of paganism. Naturalism is antithetical to humanity. Naturalism makes mankind subservient to nature, the precise opposite of the Christian worldview. Here is an object lesson in the unintended harm caused by philosophic error.

Thirdly, the purported naturalist, pantheistic view breaks down when it means human gain. I suppose this is a bit of good news. People are not really willing to sacrifice their own well being for that of animals. Not when they are confronted with practical choices. Not yet, anyway. Putting "nature first" is easy as long as the idea remains an abstraction and the burden has to be born by "other" people.

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