Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Sad Decline of Herman Cain's Campaign

I find myself melancholy this morning that Herman Cain is unable to endure the slings and arrows of the presidential gauntlet. A gauntlet exempting some, while destroying others. How nice it must be to ascend to the most powerful post in the world absent serious vetting. I kept hoping that Mr. Cain would persevere. This morning his campaign appears to be finished, regardless of the merits of his sexual accusers, whom I still do not believe. The Cain train suffers death by too many mischugs.  It's all over but the crying.

BREAKING: Herman Cain's Iowa campaign chair announces that Cain is "reassessing" his presidential bid. 

UPDATE: Cain reassessing the reassessment. Block says there is "no way" Herman Cain quits, conveying another mixed message in a sea of mixed messages. The Cain campaign is too self-conflicted to survive this. I do not see a successful path forward.

UPDATE 12-3-2011: Cain puts his campaign "on hold." Nothing short of divine intervention can save it now. I hate to see it end like this. I hope that Cain and his attorney takes it to his accusers hard.

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