Thursday, November 24, 2011

Occupy Rape and Pedephilia

Student mobs for pederasty.

Via Mona Charen:
So it was almost as dismaying [as the horror of Sandusky's acts, enabled by those around him] to see the response of a mob of Penn State students reacting to the ouster of Paterno, as it was to hear about the child abuse itself. When word of the firings first reached campus, thousands of students surged from their dorms and rampaged down the streets of State College, Pa., blowing air horns and other noisemakers in the middle of the night.

They chanted Paterno's name, threw rocks and fireworks at police, knocked down two light poles, and overturned and crushed a local TV news truck. According to The New York Times, the mob also tore down street signs, smashed car windows, and tipped over trashcans and newspaper vending boxes. Call it Occupy State College. The only missing piece was public defecation.

It seems that there is no evil horror that the leftist mob will not elevate from the gutter or rationalize away.

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