Monday, November 21, 2011

Shocking Video: Michele Bachmann Serves Water

The following was posted by "Right Wing Watch" to YouTube as they apparently found it uproariously funny and worthy of ridicule. I, for one, find it refreshing and emblematic of servanthood. You know -- that quaint concept to which all politicians give lip service when they actually want you to believe they mean it when they call themselves "public servants."

"Snort, snort. Michele Bachmann serving water? How positively gauche."

Ok. That was my caricature of a leftist. I am being charitable. read the comments on YouTube.
"So, Bachmann is used to, and even finds it funny, being marginalized and treated like a servant?"
What could be more emblematic of the left's misconception of representative government? It is not servants they desire but masters. How sad.

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