Monday, December 12, 2011

Is Glenn Beck Loosing the Tea Party?

You tell me. The non-monolithic, leaderless nature of the Tea Party has been its strength since its inception, thus there is no easy answer to the question. But ire is building, that's for sure. Can years of good faith be wiped away with a single foolish notion? The left has been calling Beck nuts for ages, but now many on the the right are joining them.

Beck won me over some time ago. He's right about a lot of stuff. I'm a fan. But his "racism" comments, and Breitbart's assessment of other Beck conduct (see my earlier post) are giving even me pause.

UPDATE: Glenn Beck responds, says he clarified his comments and that he does not believe the Tea Party is racist. I think he is trying to say he was being hyperbolic for effect, though I'm not sure. If you read his site, his distinctions are pretty subtle. Beck also has an interview with Bachmann (whom I love!) in this segment.

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