Saturday, December 10, 2011

Newt's Ninja Night

Tonight, ABC hosted an all-out assault on Newt Gingrich disguised as a debate. Newt was required to fend off everyone on the stage, plus the loaded questions from moderators hiding behind surrogates ("These aren't our questions, honest!")

I must say that Newt expertly passed the test, deflecting metaphoric throwing stars and poison darts from all directions. Unbelievably, I just finished reading an anti-Newt editorial today intoning what a poor, overrated debater Gingrich is, and how he loses his cool under pressure. Newt just made this author look like a fool.

I especially appreciated Newt's answer on the "invented Palestinian people" issue. Handling it masterfully, he did not back down one iota. Gingrich actually got me to cheer. Finally. FINALLY. Someone willing to speak the plain truth. This was Newt's night, without question. The aggressive tenor of the attacks and Newt's handling of them only made him considerably stronger. Gingrich was the beneficiary of substantial camera face time since every "invocation" earned him the right to respond. A misstep or two could have been disastrous, but Newt made none. Zero. Not even a mild one.

Tonight's mission was clear. Take out Newt Gingrich. The mission failed miserably.

If I can find a YouTube excerpt of the Palestinian question, I'll post it.

Update, Politico: "Gingrich parried blow after blow without losing his cool or showing the much-discussed undisciplined side of his personality."

Here is the video on the Palestinian exchange, with full context. It is a remarkable moment.

David Horowitz: "Gingrich gets it right."

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