Friday, December 23, 2011

Mark Levin Disgusted by Righty Attacks on Gingrich

Gingrich has his faults, but he has strengths as well. Newt is undeserving of the vitriol directed towards him by those on the right. Many on the right borrow from the leftist play book to ridicule Newt. It is disgusting. Mark Levin agrees.
Most of Newt’s attackers have announced for Romney or are at least fronting for him, overlooking or excusing most of Romney’s deceits — which continue to this day and most recently involve his flip-flopping on the Iraq War. Moreover, Will has not said who he supports, having previously backed Mitch Daniels. No doubt Michelle Bachmann is just too wacky and inexperienced for his tastes, much as Reagan was too old and unsteady back in 1979.

Having consulted a number of friends and colleagues from the Reagan era, they agree with me that we’ve not seen this kind of daily attack on a legitimate Republican primary candidate in modern times, despite Newt’s weaknesses and faults. And most are disgusted by it.

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