Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Newt's foot-in-mouth Decline

The all out media/establishment assault on Newt Gingrich has been very effective in recent days, aided by Newt's political schizophrenia. One wonders if there is a position which Newt has not taken, or will not take in the future. I really do feel the pain of the anti-Gingrich crowd, though I am not anti-Ginrich. I am hopeful for a solid, conservative, future-Gingrich. I am far more anti-Romney.

In both the case of Newt and Mitt, we must rely on our hopes and dreams for the candidate's potential conservatism. Several things skew me to Newt's side.

  • A history of real conservative accomplishments.
  • The willingness to admit wrongs and change direction.
  • Expansive and deep knowledge of history.
  • Keen intellect.
  • Romney runs as a moderate, and makes few conservative pretensions. I take him at face value.
  • Gingrich runs as a conservative, and owns several stunning defining moments during the presidential primary debates, notably his aggressive positions on the Middle East and judicial supremacy.

On matters of potential, I must choose Newt's repentant flip-flopping over Romney's flip-flopping and Janus-faced intransigence. One Romney face says that health care mandates are the best thing since sliced bread, the other that they are the greatest evil visited on the face of America. Both positions cannot be right, or defended.

Peter Ferrara makes a compelling pro-Newt case.

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