Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Who is "tricking" Congress now?

After defeating both enemy combatants on the Iraq battleground and their fifth-column surrogates also known as Democrats here at home to win the "unwinnable" war, the senate quietly passed on the opportunity to deauthorize the war in Iraq -- even as President Obama declares the war's end. This is the very same war that, as Democrats told us about a million times, President Bush "lied" us into and "tricked" them into voting to authorize. Therefore, the questions must be asked; Who is fooling them now? What devilish force pulls their puppet strings to prevent them from extricating ourselves from Iraq with finality? What dirty trickster has our poor feeble congress under its spell?
American Spectator

As if that wasn't enough, Paul later pushed for a vote on revoking congressional authorization for the war in Iraq. The president had announced that the war was effectively over, so Paul reasoned that the body the Constitution authorizes to declare war should ratify that decision. Paul's bill failed, despite a Democratic Senate majority eager to take credit for ending the Iraq war.

While only a few Republicans joined Paul's rebellion, there were some interesting names on the list. Sens. Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Dean Heller of Nevada voted with Paul on Iraq. Sen. Mike Lee of Utah backed Paul on terror detainee rules. All three are Tea Party favorites.

Some of the Democratic votes were also revealing. Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, once declared the Iraq war a failure. But he voted to authorize it under President Bush and has now voted against de-authorizing it under President Obama.

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