Thursday, December 15, 2011

Romney's Iowa Debate Gaffe

I'm watching the Fox News Iowa presidential debate. Just when I thought it was going to be "all Newt, all the time" they finally moved on. Newt isn't quite as slick tonight as he was in the last debate, but the only obvious flub I witness so far comes from Governor Romney. Now, this might not be as glaring to others as it is to me, but this is my assessment.

Mitt Romney said tonight that, because of his experience in Massachusetts with an 85 percent Democratic legislature, he had to become good at working with Democrats. Therefore this is Romney's strength. Working with Democrats. And when he gets to Washington he's going to show us just how good at it he is -- reaching consensus with the Democrats like a good leader should.

That is my paraphrase and I do not yet have the transcript of this live, ongoing debate, but I am confident in my characterization of Governor Romney's  remarks. Hearing him say that is as grating as nails down the chalkboard to me. I'm certain that I speak in solidarity with many others. The Democrat Party is corrupt and overtaken by radicals. They are working as hard as possible at destroying the country, by which I mean a take-down of capitalism, institution of Marxist and/or fascist policies, and halting technological advances and economic production. The last damn thing I want to hear is how adept a Republican president is going to be at working with Democrats, which have consistently "pole vaulted" and "parachuted" over the will of the American people for the last three years.

Governor Romney's "$10,000 bet" gaffe pales by comparison.

Update: The quote and context.

    As Governor Huntsman just mentioned, there is a real drama playing out real-time in Washington right now with the threat of yet another government shutdown, the possibility that millions of Americans could see their payroll taxes go up. If you're president, as is the case now, and you are at lagerheads with one chamber of congress, how would you handle this situation?


    I had the disadvantage of some respects of becoming governor and a state with a legislature 85 percent Democrat. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. To get anything done, I had to learn how to get respect of the speaker of the house and the senate president and Democratic leaders. I found a way to do that, to find common ground from time to time. And when crisis arose, we were able to work together. That is what has to happen.

    There are Democrats who love America as Republicans do, but we need to have a leader in the White House, that knows how to lead. I have had four leadership experiences in my life where I have lead enterprises. I want to use that experience to get America right again. And I will do it as president.

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