Saturday, January 28, 2012

Breaking: Florida Tea Party Endorses Newt Gingrich

Now Gingrich has both Sarah Palin and the Tea Party solidly behind him. The Tea Party characterizes Mitt Romney as the "Massachusetts Moderate." More than 30 Florida Tea Party activists signed onto the coalition.
“It is clear to me and many others in the tea party movement that Newt is the Reagan conservative that America needs,” said Peter Lee, founder and director of the East Side Tea Party of Orlando.

Typical of the establishment media, an accusation from "observers" leads the linked article stating that the Tea Party risks "throwing away their clout and credibility." And their own headline characterizes the endorsement as "high risk and low reward" for the Tea Party.

Ya don't say? The Marxist Food Stamp President in Chief's credibility never seems to be of concern to "observers." And since when did the media credit the Tea Party with having credibility to squander in the first place? You know what? Why don't you smug useful idiots stick your head back up the OWS movement's nether regions?

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