Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gingrich Buried under an Avalanche of Lies from Mitt Romney

I find myself too overwhelmed to respond with efficacy to the unending volley of lies launched at Newt Gingrich by his opponents. In fact, I believe that is precisely the point. Today marks the beginning of the Republican establishment blitzkrieg. Gingrich and his supporters are supposed to be overcome by sheer volume of accusations. Dispatching with Herman Cain was easy enough, but Gingrich is proving more formidable.

No matter. There are plenty of others more skilled and qualified than I who are doing an effective job of rebutting the smears. We do not have the resources to buy our way clear, but we do have the truth.

Go here for rebuttals to:

  • "Gingrich is unelectable. / Romney is the electable one."
  • "Romney is conservative (or, unbelievably, 'more conservative.')"
  • "Romney's business experience translates into sound economic policy."
  • "Romney will shrink the deficit."
  • "Romney will not increase taxes."

Since 1896, only Republicans who have campaigned on a pro-growth platform have been elected. Mitt Romney, instead of being the most electable, is firmly in the tradition of Thomas Dewey, Jerry Ford, Bob Dole, and John McCain. His timid, scared proposals do not offer the promise of booming economic growth that Reagan's bold reforms delivered.

 Go here for rebuttals to:

  • "Gingrich was reprimanded and paid a $300,000 fine for ethics violations."
  • "Gingrich had to resign in disgrace."
  • "Gingrich's ethics violations make him unelectable."

Go Here for rebuttals to

  • "Gingrich attacked free-market capitalism.

Go here to find the answer to:

  • "Why do so many Republicans hate Gingrich?"
  • "Why don't any of the people he worked with in the house endorse Gingrich?"

Go here for rebuttals to:

  • "But the Drudge report said..."

Go here for Rebuttals to:

and here.  and here.  and here

and, finally, the nuclear annihilation of this lie.

  • "Gingrich is anti-Reagan."
  • "Gingrich really didn't participate in the Reagan Revolution."

Go to where Gingrich has posted a direct response to these and other issues.

Check in regularly at the Legal Insurrection blog, where William Jacobson somehow finds the time to do the tedious work of staying on top of things. Personally, I'm a hardworking guy with a full time job just trying to survive the assault from establishment know-it-alls on both sides of the aisle. May God be with us in these perilous times.

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