Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gingrich Missteps on anti-Romney Immigration Ad

Newt Gingrich pulled a Florida campaign ad attacking Mitt Romney on his immigration stance. The ad accuses Romney of (to paraphrase) being heartless and having no feelings for the plight of immigrants. Once again, Gingrich finds himself attacking Romney from the left as a matter of political opportunism. Romney and company are (at least) equally as guilty of doing the same to Gingrich on their line of attack over Gingrich's trumped up ethics charges, the poison fruit of left-wing witch hunts.

I don't mind harsh criticism, as long as it is valid criticism. Gingrich has now corrected himself, as he has proved quick to do throughout his campaign when he believes he is in error. Whereas, as far as I know, Romney hasn't changed direction one time due to his own misjudgments. Romney continues to lend weight to the preposterous attacks on Gingrich from the far left, including scumbags like David Bonior.

I know it is a heated campaign, but let's keep it clean out there. We only harm ourselves when we validate leftist talking points.

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