Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today will prove to be exciting for myself and many others as we await the results from Iowa. I can't remember a presidential primary in my lifetime when the frontrunner was so up in the air, nor can I remember when picking a nominee was so personally difficult. The only thing I know for sure is that I do not want Mitt Romney to be the nominee. If it comes down to Romney versus Paul, I'm voting for Paul.

Santorum seems to be peaking at the perfect time. Will his momentum continue, or will the predictable media--establishment assaults sink him?

From where I sit, it seems that the Republican electorate has proved exceedingly easy to manipulate so far, even to to point of embracing leftist talking points in a rush to agree with establishment assessments of our candidates. This willingness to throw ourselves into the fire does not portend well. I had hoped that conservative principles would run deep this election cycle. It's sad when it takes Newt Gingrich to articulate them, only to have his own party attack him for it. Nothing like wilting at the first sign of a challenge. If this were a war, our side would be the French.

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