Monday, January 23, 2012

Mitt Romney uses Class Warfare on Himself

NBC News Rock Center Republican Candidates Debate 1/23/2012

I'm watching the Republican debate. Mitt Romney demanded to know Newt Gingrich's proposed capital gains tax rate. Newt answered that he plans for zero percent. Romney responded, "under that plan I would have paid no taxes in the last two years."

Newt: "And if you would have created enough jobs doing that... as Alan Greenspan said, the best rate if you want to create jobs, for capital gains, is zero. My number one goal is to create the maximum number of put the American people back to work."

Think of it. Romney is arguing that a "rich guy like me" would be paying zero taxes under Gingrich's plan. Hear that America? That is supposed to make you seethe! A rich man paying no capital gains tax? Outrageous! How dare Newt propose such a thing!

Did it work? Is that a conservative argument?

Just when I thought I'd seen it all, Romney plays the "soak the rich" card on himself! While running as a Republican candidate for president, no less.

Update: Politico immediately picked up on the same thing, and ran it with the headline: Romney: I wouldn't pay taxes under Newt plan

See what I mean? Politico and Romney are on the same page. Yipee. That's the way to energize the conservative base!

From the Politico comment section:

Bob Isitt · Top Commenter · Whitworth University

I'm in the West so I'm not watching it live but reading this sounds like Romney is back on his feet. Great response to Newt's tax plan calling it the Romney 15% plan. Perfect.
Ha ha ha. What else to expect from the Politico crowd? A bunch of leftists rooting for Romney.

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