Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mitt Romney Buys and Lies His Way to a Florida Victory

Propaganda Wins.

Mitt Romney's Florida victory shows that elections can still be bought, and that the dictum "If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth" still holds true. This does not portend well for Romney, since he will be subject to exactly the same tactic from President Obama. And I do mean exactly. Romney will not be capable of outdistancing Obama (with a purported billion dollar campaign war chest) either in money or negativity.

If ideas cannot win in this presidential race, we are doomed. The American people must develop the ability to cut through the chatter, carefully investigate, and vet, their candidates. I am convinced that we are seeing an Obama replay in Mitt Romney. Obama was never properly vetted either.

How in the world can a supposed "conservative resurgence" get behind Mitt Romney, a northeastern moderate at best, who believes that socialized medicine is a viable path for the states? Why are the people unaware of the true state of the Massachusetts economy? What about Romney's proposed international tariffs? Are today's conservatives so economically ignorant that imposing tariffs sounds like a good idea to them?

If Mitt Romney becomes the next president, ObamaCare will never be repealed. The Romney camp uses "repeal ObamaCare" as a synonym for trying to repeal the federal mandate only. That still leaves vast regulatory authority in place, and a ready framework for totalitarian control. I fear that the most bulldog-like president we could elect could not get it done, much less one who has already made peace with socialized medicine on the state level, and who has an apparent agenda of encouraging the states to adopt plans similar to Massachusetts'. Where is the sense of urgency on this issue? Our futures hang in the balance.

Apparently Barack Obama has dragged this nation so far to the left that Mitt Romney is able to pass himself off as a "conservative" to a bunch of uninformed rubes who swoon when they hear Mitt Romney say "10th Amendment."

Let me explain why "state's rights" is a red herring as pertains to this issue. The example of mandatory government education is instructive. Consider it the "education mandate." I hope that I do not need to recount the train wreck that is compulsory government schooling, where vast amounts of taxpayer dollars are funneled to a failed model, and gobbled by a top-heavy bureaucracy. Government schooling is supposed to be "state run," yet federal government mandates abound. The states, by and large, have adopted federal education standards. Why is that?

The federal government robs the states of much needed taxpayer dollars, then offers those funds back as "incentives" to meet the federal government's demands. Bribing people with their own money is a pretty good racket when you can get it. The entire educational system is corrupted in this fashion. Do you think for one moment that the same will not hold true for health care? "State mandates" are simply fronts for what will become effective federal control in the long run. The end result remains a single-payer system.

Socialism is a destructive evil, whether enacted at the federal, or the state, level. Can conservatives not agree on this patently obvious fact? Are we that lost?

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