Friday, January 27, 2012

Obamney Care IS Worth Getting Angry About

America is angry over ObamaCare: the waivers, the way it was forced through, the phantom bill that "we have to pass so we can find out what is in it," the gloating, giant gavel-toting Pelosi. I'm furious over it. Just thinking about it takes me back to the Sunday morning when I was in church while the president and his minions raped America in special session.

All those emotions and thoughts are not helped by Romney's defense of the same thing. This is the legislation that will finally choke the life's blood out of America. State run health care is the dragon which must be slain. And Romney declares "It's not worth getting angry about." I immediately grasped the significance of Romney's nonchalance during the debate. I just had to comment again. The Antoinette-like statement* deserves it's own special place.

*Note: Marie Antoinette never actually said "let them eat cake" and was unjustly savaged with the statement as a matter of propaganda by French revolutionaries. But, if I said "Robespierre-like" no one would know what I was talking about.

Marie Antoinette NEVER said "let them eat cake". Marie Antoinette was smeared, Alinskyfied in order to prepare the masses to accept her brutal murder. What was done to her was what was done to the Jews in Nazi Germany. She was portrayed as something she was not. In fact she was a deeply religious Catholic, so saintly the Church had thought of bestowing Sainthood on her. The French Revolution was a religious revolution in that it supplanted the beliefs of the radicals with the beliefs of the Church. France was once known as the First Daughter of the Catholic Church. The Royal Family were revered and looked up to for centuries. In order for the rabble to destroy what was once loved, they needed to blacken and blaspheme it. Saul Alinsky was a copycat and a piker by comparison. The phrase attributed to Antoinette was instigated by her murderers and spread far and wide so that when their Queen mounted the steps to lose her head the public would accept the horror. They had been lied to and brainwashed. Sound familiar? She was a woman not suited for her position and easily maligned. But a cold, heartless, callous? That was the portrait painted by her destroyers. She does not deserve the calumny. In the comments.
 Update: 12 noon, 1/27/2012 - Rush Limbaugh opens his show with Romney's gaffe, praises Santorum.

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