Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Netflix Original Programing starting in February

Lilyhammer, a Netflix original series will premier on Feb. 6. The cool thing is the whole series will be released on that date! Netflix is avoiding the traditional TV model of piecemealing out an episode a week. I love that! And the show looks interesting. There is lots of room for Netflix to pick up beloved television series that have been dropped by the networks.

The abrupt ending to Camelot is one of my most frustrating TV watching experiences. I thought the show was awesome. If only Netflix would revive it, just as they plan to do with the canceled Fox comedy "Arrested Development."

What a great opportunity to satisfy existing customers, provide a "hook" to entice new customers, and avoid expensive studio licensing fees. Win, win, win!

P.S. And how's about  we just pretend that the unfortunate pseudo-ending to LOST never happened? Get some great writers and pick up three or four episodes from the end. Give the viewers a chance to recoup their LOST time with the creative wrap-up we all hoped for.

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